21 May 2021, 00:00

Беспилотные электроразведочные системы: современное состояние и перспективы.

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UAV systems for electromagnetic sounding are the "cutting edge" of unmanned aerial geophysics. It was precisely the UAV electrical exploration technologies that were not enough to state that in a large number of cases we have a "methodological parity" between the UAV options for geophysical work and ground and traditional airborne geophysical technologies. In this report, we will talk about our experience in the development and application of light UAV-electrical exploration systems operating in the time and frequency domain, and present data that allow us to assess the capabilities, quality, and productivity of this kind of geophysical work. In our opinion, the results obtained convincingly indicate high prospects for UAV electrical exploration in modern conditions, as well as that the development of UAV electrical prospecting and the UAV geophysics triad as a whole significantly affects the methodology, technique and practice of geophysical exploration in the coming years.

Паршин Александр Вадимович
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