15 June 2021, 00:00

Единая геохимическая модель рудообразования на основе мобилизации и концентрирования рудных элементов в геоэлектрохимических системах

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A new concept is introduced into the theory of ore formation processes: “geoelectrochemical ore-forming systems”. This term primarily includes all deposits of the hydrothermal type. The formation of hydrothermal deposits in geoelectrochemical systems is based on the following provisions:

- The movement of aqueous solutions and oil fluids through rocks generates a filtration type electric field.

- Under the influence of electrical energy, electrochemical processes occur in the volume of the system, including three main ones: 1) extraction of elements from rocks, 2) their migration in the volume of the geoelectrochemical system, and 3) concentration within the field poles as natural geoelectrochemical barriers or along migration routes.

On the basis of experimental data, a high degree of extraction of ore-forming elements was established, exceeding the degree of extraction of rock-forming elements by one or two orders of magnitude. As a result of the extraction of ore-forming elements and their migration, within the geoelectrochemical system, depletion areas (negative anomalies) and spatially associated enrichment areas (positive anomalies of ore-forming elements) appear.

The processes of redistribution of elements occur in systems of fractal structure from the rank of ore provinces to ore bodies.

Examples of the manifestation of fractal ore-forming systems of various scales and composition of ore mineralization form the basis of the report.

A full presentation of this concept on a geoelectrochemical basis with examples of the manifestation of polar systems from ore provinces to ore bodies of various types of deposits and their composition, technology for their search in open and closed areas, is set out in the book "Unified model of ore formation". The publication of the book in the edition GEOKART: GEOS is planned in the middle of 2021.

Гольдберг Исай Соломонович
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