20 May 2021, 00:00

Модуль контроля содержаний

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Currently, GGIS is the main solution at various stages of planning. In the conditions of open-cast mining, an important factor in short-term planning is the efficiency and quality of processing data for controlling the content of block models.

Not infrequently, due to imperfect content control, questions arise about the quality of the incoming ore, from the side of the concentrators to the miners and geologists. The creation of a grade control system is becoming an important component of the efficient operation of a mining enterprise. Such a tool is the content control module in the GEOVIA SURPAC software, which automates the process, significantly saves time on drawing up graphical documentation and tabular reporting, and standardizes the procedure.

Ахметкалиев Рустам Серикказинович
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