14 January 2021, 14:50

Обзор изменений нормативно-правовых актов в сфере недропользования России

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By the admission of foreign experts as well as Russian geologists who have the experience of working abroad, Russian legislation in the field of subsoil use is one of the most complex.

The regulatory documents of the Russian Federation for the activities in subsoil use (and environmental management in general) have a history of only 30 years. Thus, the entire system is not well-established yet and is changing constantly. The legal mechanism undergoes a fine-tuning.

The regulatory framework complexity does not make subsoil use impossible. The evidence from practice shows that the overwhelming majority of companies working in the industry are quite successful in coping with their problems. We would like to offer the audience a brief overview of the latest changes in regulatory documents and shed some light on the most common problems.

Key words

Subsoil use, regulatory documents, reserves evaluation, and geological information.

Курбатов Иван Иванович
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