4 June 2021, 00:00

Оценка разведанности золоторудных месторождений

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A quantitative assessment of the exploration of reserves in ore deposits is based on two main criteria - the error in estimating the parameters and the error in geometrization. There are currently no limit values for these criteria for specific categories; the objects of assessment (volumes of subsoil) for which they are used have not been determined.

One of the ways to solve this problem, both from the standpoint of errors in the estimation of reserves and the determination of errors in geometrization, is to analyze the actual values of the criteria in the explored fields.

To calculate the errors, an algorithm based on the analysis of the variability characteristics of the component content in exploration samples is proposed. The object of assessment is the volume of subsoil, comparable to the annual productivity of the enterprise. The estimation of the error was carried out for category C1 reserves.

The research results show that the relative standard error of determining the average grade in blocks comparable to the annual productivity of the enterprise for large and medium-sized deposits is 10-15%; for small objects, it can increase up to 30%.

The experience of investigating geometrization errors at gold ore and other deposits shows that the geometrization error of ore bodies for category C1 should not exceed the level of 25-30%.

The obtained values of the criteria can be used to justify the exploration network and assess the qualifications of reserves in specific situations.

Кушнарев Петр Иванович
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