20 April 2021, 00:00

Разнообразные инструменты привязки растровых изображений в программе DIGIMINE.

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This report discusses various options for binding raster images both in plan and on sections.

If you have a mesh, it is recommended that you snap all the nodes of the existing mesh, as a result of which you get the best results compared to other methods.

The various snapping methods are parsed for cases where only a small portion of the mesh is available. Special cases of snapping with a small number of initial control points are considered.

The results obtained with the binding produced by different methods are compared. Much attention is paid to the quality of snapping (elimination of uneven deformations of the image in the original scans). The solutions available in the program that provide high performance of the binding process are considered.

Зайков Виктор Гурьевич
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